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Email from "Jesus"

Sent From: KiNg StiNg

I see you like doing my portrait.
You know, there was a discussion in Heaven today and apparently it goes alot deeper then you having something against me, apparently youre just simply hopeless. My Father placed alot of emphasis regarding how deep your hate towards what is Holy goes, and I sat down for a moment to ponder on this. Well. Any man who spends as long as you throwing a blatant attack on what is Good within the Universe is quite obviously very ill mentally and satanic.

So now i tell you this..In your heart you may simply want to disprove the existance of God from a different approach, but youre doing the work of Satan my friend and he is using you as his puppet. His little whore. So now you be Satans bitch and i promise you, i will let him give you a royal ass fucking but thats the only taste of royalty you or him will ever get anywhere near..

You will get down on your hands and knees if you know what is good for you, because when its all said and done and Earth is no more, youre in my world. and in my word if i feel its necessary to crush your balls in a vice. Its done.

I promise you this......... if by the time you come before have not changed your ways........... i will make you into a portrait of sin........... and i will write thousands and thousands of condemned words all over you and this i swear on everything Holy.
Do you understand me

now run along and throw more attacks at me, we will see how far it gets you


To KiNg StiNg -

Thank you for visiting my Bar Code Art website and the interesting feedback. You are the first person to write me possesed by spirit of Jesus. Far out! I really enjoyed the part about "ass fucking" and "ball crushing."

I often think that Satan is just doing God's dirty work.


I am not posessed by Jesus I am Jesus
Me swearing could be frowned upon but i knew it would capture your attention. It is not very tasteful for me to swear no. I am however God and I am faced with alot worse things then using a swearword to illustrate my anger.If a man like you comes before me in my Kingdom I have to do things that are not very pleasant.

For me to begin communication with you i needed to lower myself to your level.

As for me being Jesus, yes that is far out, too far out for you or any man to grasp but that does not make me vain.

Only Jesus would know that inside your heart you find it a personal attack on you that Revelation speaks of your art as evil. You have always battled with that because you enjoy making very attractive images with this medium and yes you are very talented but youre using it for wrong my friend.Make beautiful artwork with barcodes I give you the blessing to do so but do not lash out at God because revelation warns of a time when what you love will become the symbol of Hell on Earth. I tell you instead use it to show beauty and even in a way to be against evil.

I know what you did was an attack on me in your eyes however in my eyes your barcodes of Jesus are perfectly relevant to the power over evil I have. Only God can hold 666 and not be harmed by it so i choose to look at your work that way.
Only Jesus could ever be made up of barcodes and still be GOODNESS. It has no effect on me my friend :)

Satan did not create Hell did he? nor did he create evil, he merely chose that way.

Tell you what, you might be popular on this stinkhole called planet Earth for your work but I want you in Heaven, I will even place your attack on Jesus in Michael Angelos art museum if in your heart you change it to praising his power over that mark.

I am very well known for taking what was once evil and making it beyond beautiful and i believe you to be capable of the same.

I must go now. God Bless you Scott, I forgive you for not thinking I am real but it does not get any more real then this now does it?:)


p.s I almost named my third and final Son Blake, He ended up being named Brenton though.

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