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It's Been FUN!

Made a zine with my wife.

Democracy Invaders

Published a video game I made in 2001.

I encourage you all to go shopping more Go Shopping More

Updated an oldy but goody.


Omaha City Council Vacancy Charter Convention

Learned the hard way, you can't fight city hall.

Omaha Coucil Club Council Club

Co-hosted a weekly Zoom meeting where we discussed Omaha City Council.

Commute & Compare Commute & Compare

Edited video for Mode Shift Omaha.

SJ4OMA Campaign

Helped my wife run for Omaha City Council.

Parklet Parking Day

Helped build Omaha's first parklet.

Omaha City Council Vacancy Omaha City Council Vacancy

Researched botched vacancy replacement.


Omaha Redistricting Maps.


QR Code Bernard Schimmel QR Code Bernard Schimmel

Inventor of the Reuben sandwich for the Cottonwood Hotel.

Paint By Number Abe Lincoln Paint By Number

Transformed user photos into shade by number art project..

Sparky Sleeves Sparky Sleeves

Added flints to drift sleeves.

Omaha City Council Wiki Omaha City Council Wiki

Created table of members from 1957 to 2021.

5kW Trike 5kW Trike

Golden Motor BLDC.

Radio Drifter Radio Drifter

Motorized Radio Flyer wagon.

Where Would Jesus Park? Where Would Jesus Park?

Helped pass an ordinance to ticket cars for parking in bike lanes.


75 Dollar Flipbook 75 Dollar Flipbook

Made with real U.S. $1 dollar bills!

All Wheel Drive Electric Drift Trike All Wheel Drive Electric Drift Trike

Two 1,000 watt motors in back and a 750 watt hub motor in the front.

PVC Sleeves PVC Sleeves

PVC Sleeves for drift trike wheels.


Vertigo Books Vertigo Books

Inspired by Vertigo Records logo and Vision Gator skateboard graphics.

Lazier Boy Lazier Boy

Motorized sofa chair.

Electric Skrateboard Electric Skrateboard

40 MPH electric skateboard.

Glow Pony e-Bike Glow Pony

e-Bike powered by Dewalt batteries.

Plungers for a Safer Aksarben Plungers for a Safer Aksarben

Helped PSA group install toilet plungers to make a protected bike lane.


Paint by Finger Paint by Finger

Portraits painted one finger at a time.

War Signs War!

Signs pointing to war zones.

Drill Bike Drill Bike

Dual powered drill bike 25+ MPH.

DIY Track Timer DIY Track Timer

Beam sensors wired into a USB encoder for lap times and MPH, accuracte up to .001 second.

O.J. Simpson Flipbook O.J. Simpson Flipbook

One thousand page flipbook of the infamous slow speed car chase.


Cutout playing cards you can see through.

Hole Punch Flipbook Hole Punch Flipbooks

Two more experimenting with the wagon wheel effect.

Playing Card Buttons Playing Card Buttons

52 playing card buttons.

Yarn Flipbook Yarn Flipbook

Zoe Kuhn wrapped her friends in yarn.

Poker Odds Playing Cards Poker Odds Playing Cards

Hold card odds with Blackjack Hi Lo counting value.

Nothing Zine Nothing Zine

Download and print PDF.

Nebraska Mail Art Cooperative Anti-Death Penalty Postcards

Helped Nebraska Mail Art Cooperative repeal the death penalty.

Stop Shopping Painting Stop Shopping Paintings

Each time I sell one of these paintings, I will shopdrop an additional copy at a local megastore.

Cutout Books Cutout Books

Hand cut patterns in paper with a X-Acto Knife.

Stop Shopping Hang Tags Stop Shopping Hang Tags

Encouraging people to consume less.

Hole Punch Flipbook Hole Punch Flipbooks

I punched six small circles in each page to produce a whirling animation.

Fire Flipbook Fire Flipbook

I burn the last page of these flipbooks so that they smell like smoke.

Watch Flipbook Watch Flipbook

Stop motion animation created on a photocopier.

JUMP! Flipbook JUMP! Flipbook

Made with the help of five enthusiastic students at The Kent Bellows Studio.

Excess Skin Flipbook Excess Skin Flipbook

Short clip of Maria Raquel Cochez after she lost 100 pounds.

Fortune Cookie Scrolls Fortune Cookie Scrolls

Fortunes collected from Chinese restaurants arranged into a poem.

Omaha Mondo and Ed Mondo & Ed

Helped Kietryn Zychal.

Chelsea Manning Pvt. Chelsea Manning

Text based mosaic of the US Army whistleblower.

Barcode Painting I Am What I Eat

32 barcode paintings from the foods I eat.

Barcode Hitman Barcode Hitman Mural

Commission for video game promotion.

Cariou v. Prince Thaumatrope Cariou v. Prince Thaumatrope

Celebrate fair-use victory with this Victorian toy.

Sally Deskins What Will Her Kids Think?

Zine made with Sally Deskins.


Omaha Swimmer Omaha Swimmer vs. Scott Blake

Another piece of public art in Omaha that I couldn't resist.

5X8 Zine Collages

Appropriated images and texts from magazines and catalogs.

Marilyn Supercut Marilyn Monroe Supercut

Watch Marilyn walk and run, in, out, and through 100 door scenes from every movie she was in.

ART-O-MAT Cards ART-O-MAT® Playing Cards

Retired cigarette vending machines converted to vend art.

Barcode María Raquel Cochez Barcode María Raquel Cochez

Collaboration with Panamanian artist.

Barcode Cornel West Barcode Cornel West

Made with 2,521 ISBN barcodes from books written by Dr. Cornel West.

My Friends Zine

Photographs of topless girls with bags covering their faces by María Raquel Cochez.

Docs Docs Clock

Made using Google Docs Spreadsheets.

9/11 Zoetrope 9/11 Zoetrope

Animation device invented in the 1800's.

9/11 Media Study 9/11 Media Study

Counted the number of times news showed the plane crashes, building collapses, and falling people on 9/11.

Barcode Andy Warhol Barcode Andy Warhol v5.5

Updated barcode portrait and Campbell's Soup video mapping interface.

Barcode Marilyn Monroe Barcode Marilyn Monroe v3.2

Video mapping interface tracks each barcode scanned and movie clips make Marilyn walk in circles.

Chris Jordan Inkjet Chris Jordan

Estimated amount of ink Chris Jordan has used to make his fine art prints.

O! Booklet O! Public Art Booklet

Commemorative 10 page mini-zine.

Amy Goodman QR Code Amy Goodman

Made with 2,304 2D barcodes that link to 9 years of Democracy Now videos.

Title Card Painting

Video show I how I create this conceptual art piece.

Gary Vaynerchuk Barcode Gary Vaynerchuk

Made with barcodes from wines he drank on video blog.

QR Code Tattoos QR Code Tattoos

Embed metadata on your skin with these temporary tattoos.

CAT Barcode "CAT" T-Shirts

Show your kitty love with this 100% cotton shirt from American Apparel.


Barcode Warren Buffett Barcode Warren Buffett

Scan a barcode and watch this artwork come alive.

Red Laser iPhone App Red Laser iPhone App

Scanning Barcode Elvis and Marilyn with an iPhone.

Barcode Elvis Presley Barcode Elvis Presley

Scanning Barcode Elvis at the Ripley's Museum in San Francisco.

QR Code Buttons

Works with your camera phone.

Obama Weekly Address

President Obama's Weekly address stretched out to a week long video.

Autographed Photos

Documenting my response to public art project in Omaha, Nebraska.

Barcode Tote Bag

Carry everything you need when you are on the go.

Barcode Andy Warhol

Campbell's Soup video-mapping interface.

Chuck Close Chuck Close Filter

Digital mosaic that builds images out of dissected Chuck Close paintings.

Every Barcode

Capturing every imaginable product. This animation takes 300 years to complete.

Name Rainbow

Collaborative Google spreadsheet art project.

Barcode Marilyn Monroe

Video projector tracks each barcode scanned.

Barcode Paul Newman

My first augmented sculpture using video-mapping projector.

Barcode Jane Fonda

Video application for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Competition.

Semaphore Clock

Inspired by flag signaling system.

Barcode Web Counter

Obsessive web counter that tracks every click in realtime.

Barcode Bruce Lee

Each barcode plays a fight from that movie.

Barcode Ozzy Osbourne

My first barcode scanning interface.

O! Omaha Sculptures

My response to a public art project in my home town, Omaha, Nebraska.

60 Alarm Clocks

I don't really know what to say about this piece.

Bruce Lee UPC A/Bruce Lee/Movie DVDs

Made with barcodes from movie DVDs the Chinese martial artist appeared in.

Barcode Wallet

Stylish American Apparel construction.

Barcode Arm Bands

Show your support for the revolution.

Barcode Magnets

Basic and custom barcodes available.

Barcode Baby Bibs

Basic and custom barcodes available.

Barcode Koozies

Keep your drinks cold in style.

Scanning Barcode Tattoos

Listen to voice synthesizer decode body art.

Money Buttons

Made from real US dollar bill.

Barcode Flipbooks Barcode Flipbooks Video

Scanning UPC numbers into Google.

Barcode Coffee Mugs

The perfect size for your favorite morning beverage or late night brew.


Miniature painting.

Barcode Patches

Make that mass-produced piece of apparel a one of a kind.

9/11 Flipbook 9/11 Flipbook

What do you think about this project? Please tell me, I want to know.

PAINTING Barcode Paintings

Hand crafted works on canvas.

Barcode Dog Tags

One need not enlist to sport one of these aluminum identification tags.

Barcode Stickers

Printed vinyl stickers in a variety of styles.

Burning Art

Video art for people who hate art.


Ozzy UPC A/Ozzy/Music CDs

Barcode Portrait
April 25, 2004

Mao ISBN/Mao Tse-Tung/Books

Barcode Portrait
May 5, 2004

Mouse Pointer

Interactive mouse art.

Martha ISBN/Martha Stewart/Books

Barcode Portrait
August 2, 2004

T_SHIRT Barcode T-Shirts

Barcode Portrait
April 25, 2004

Barcode Tattoos

Temporary tattoos made with medically approved decal paper.

Marilyn UPC A/Marilyn Monroe/Movies

Barcode Portrait
August 22, 2003

Manson ISBN/Charles Manson/Books

Barcode Portrait
September 20, 2003

Arnold UPC A/Schwarzenegger/Movies

Barcode Portrait
December 28, 2003

OJ ISBN/OJ Simpson/Books

Barcode Portrait
March 4, 2003

Downloading Pixels

Captures the flow of downloading images onto your computer.

Mumia ISBN/Mumia/Books

Barcode Portrait
February 2, 2003

Desktop Feedback

Screen grabs about creating computer art.

Braille Clock

Visual clock for blind people.

Experimental Animation

Mixing loop of barcodes.

Elvis UPC A/Elvis/Music CDs

Barcode Portrait
November 17, 2002

Barcode Yourself

Enter personal information to be encoded and find how much you are worth.

Paul Newman UPC A/Paul Newman/Newman's Own Food

Barcode Portrait
February 28, 2002

Sign Language Clock

Another clock that tells the time with animated hands.

Ecstasy Self-Portrait

Color halftone made from downloaded XTC pills.


Another film I acted in that was also directed by Aaron Norhanian.

Flag Remix

Rearrange the color and design of flags from around the world.


Film about my triumphant run on a downtown street in Savannah, GA wearing just shoes.

Barcode Wind Chime

Color injected barcodes that paint the screen.

Campbell's Soup UPC A/Andy Warhol/Campbell's Soup/Chicken with Rice, Bean with Bacon

Barcode Portrait
January 6, 2001

All is Zero and One

Zoom animation inspired by the Zen saying "All is One".

Revelation Jesus Code 128/Jesus/Book of Revelation

Barcode Portrait
May 14, 2001

FUCK Face FUCK Face/Barcode Self Portrait

Barcode Portrait
May 14, 2001

Bernard Solco Bernard Solco/Barcode Paintings

Barcode Portrait
May 15, 2001

Jane Fonda UPC A/Jane Fonda/Workout Videos

Barcode Portrait
August 28, 2001

Madonna UPC/Madonna/Music CDs

Barcode Portrait
August 30, 2001

SCAD Code 39/Paula Wallace/SCAD IDs

Barcode Portrait
November 10, 2001

Gates UPC E/Bill Gates/Clipped

Barcode Portrait
December 19, 2000

Oprah Book Club ISBN/Oprah/Book Club/Scaled

Barcode Portrait
December 29, 2000

Barcode Jesus - final Barcode Jesus

Barcode Portrait
April 9, 1999

Reagan Barcode Ronald Reagan

Barcode Portrait
September 27, 1999

Oprah Barcode Oprah

Barcode Portrait
September 27, 1999

Bill Gates Barcode Bill Gates

Barcode Portrait
September 27, 1999

Andy Warhol Barcode Andy Warhol

Barcode Portrait
September 27, 1999

Barcode Marilyn Manson Barcode Marilyn Manson

Barcode Portrait
September 27, 1999

Barcode Jesus - sketch Barcode Jesus

Barcode Portrait
November 9, 1998